Body Filter 95+

Body Filter 95+

Body Filter 95+® | Breathable Disposable PPE

Breathable PPE for Dust and Particulate Protection

Body Filter 95+ is our proprietary line of disposable, protective clothing designed for environments where high levels of particulate and dust protection are needed. No matter the job at hand, you’re protected from noxious particulates down to 0.3 microns in the 95% to 99% range—similar to an N95 respirator.

All-day Comfort and Protection from Fine Particles

Body Filter 95+ is a versatile, non-woven dust protection suit that offers both durability and breathability for extended wear. With exceptional abrasion resistance and an excellent barrier against fine particles, these protective coveralls help provide comfortable confidence®. Body Filter 95+ is recommended for industries including pharmaceuticals, healthcare, manufacturing, industrial, cleanrooms and more.

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