ChemSplash 2

ChemSplash 2

ChemSplash® | Chemical Protective Clothing and Apparel

Multiple styles for the level of protection your worksite needs

When working in cleanrooms, contamination control, environmental cleanup, or manufacturing, you need protection from chemical splash, acids, and hazardous particles. Even low-level contact with these contaminants can cause serious health risks. That’s why we designed the ChemSplash® product line of acid protection suits, chemical resistant suits, aprons, and arm sleeves. This chemical PPE has multiple styles—both with and without an attached hood and/or boots, so you’re protected from head-to-toe.

Whether you’re in the business of producing, distributing, disposing, storing, or transporting hazardous chemicals or acids, this chemical safety clothing offers full body protection. All chemical protective clothing is rigorously tested against common noxious chemicals, petrochemicals, acids, and caustics. The combination of taped seams and a storm flap over the zipper provides added protection from splashes seeping through exposed seams risking chemical exposure.

  • ChemSplash® 1 

    This disposable coverall suit safeguards against chemical splash, light-duty chemicals, acids, and hazardous particles. With seamless shoulders, a wide gusseted crotch, and an elastic back, you can move about freely without worrying about rips or tears. Better yet, a high moisture-vapor transmission rate keeps you cooler than bulky chemical coveralls of the past. You can depend on ChemSplash® to remain compliant with OSHA safety regulations and to prevent the contamination of products. 

  • ChemSplash® 2 

    These heavy-duty coveralls take chemical clothing safety to the next level by protecting against more aggressive chemicals, acids, and caustics. ChemSplash® 2 offers a broader range of chemical protection, but still provides the same comfort and freedom of movement as ChemSplash® 1 chem suits.

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