ViroGuard 2

ViroGuard 2

  • ViroGuard® | Biohazard Suits 

    This line of bio clothing is designed with blue fabric to help mask liquids and bodily fluids. Clothing is tested for several industrial chemicals and has high abrasion resistance to withstand wear and tear activities like crawling or climbing.

    • Biohazard suit for bloodborne pathogens
    • Passes both ASTM 1670 (blood) and ASTM 1671 (blood-borne pathogens)
    • Blue fabric helps conceal liquids and bodily fluids
    • Tested for several industrial chemicals 
  • ViroGuard® 2 | Infectious Disease Suits 

    ViroGuard® 2 fabric and seams pass ASTM 1670 (blood) and ASTM 1671 (blood-borne pathogens) and aligns with CDC PPE guidelines for healthcare workers providing care to unstable, “wet” patients who have bleeding, vomiting, or diarrhea. This clothing line offers bio suits, boot covers, and hoods with taped seams to provide full-body protection and to prevent hazardous liquids from entering through exposed seams. This biohazard suit line also helps protect against highly infectious diseases such as Ebola.

    • Infectious disease suit for working with dangerous viruses and HCIDs
    • White fabric with blue taped seams helps prevent liquids from entering through exposed seams
    • A large zipper pull has a red pull tab that is easy to see when wearing a PAPR and easy to pull with gloved hands
    • Coveralls have a front zipper with a sealable storm flap that has a starter tab for tape. This makes it quicker and easier for a gloved hand to pull and expose the tape to seal the storm flap
    • Biohazard suits also include double-sided tape around writs to keep gloves in place and thumb and finger loops sewn into sleeves to prevent them from riding up while you work

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