PyroGuard CRFR

PyroGuard CRFR

PyroGuard | Secondary FR Coveralls

Prevent Burns and Flames from Spreading with Fire Retardant Workwear

When working around chemicals, flames, or an environment with the potential for flames, it’s critical to wear FR protective clothing. Flame-resistant clothing not only protects your body from potential burns, but it also helps prevent flames from spreading. International Enviroguard’s disposable fire-resistant workwear is designed to wear over your primary FR clothing to help extend its life or usage. PyroGuard consists of two product lines of FR coveralls—PyroGuard FR® and PyroGuard CRFR™.

  • PyroGuard FR® 

    This line of light blue coveralls is engineered for a high tear-resistance and fewer rip-outs, so you can bend, squat, stretch, and move with ease. Breathable fabric is made with phosphate-based fire retardant, depriving flames of their fuel source so they don’t spread. The fabric also chars, preventing any flames or molten drips.

    PyroGuard FR® blue disposable coveralls have a high moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR), helping you stay cooler and more comfortable in hot environments. These fire-resistant coveralls are versatile, providing additional protection against grease, dirt, and non-toxic liquids.

    • Fire-resistant and fire-retardant coveralls
    • Fabric passes ASTM D6413 vertical flame resistance test
    • Meets NFPA 2113 requirements for section 5.1.9
    • Possible applications include turnarounds, oil and gas manufacturing, and industrial settings. 
  • PyroGuard CRFR™ 

    PyroGuard CRFR™ chemical resistant and flame-resistant coveralls offer a broad range of chemical protection, as well as protection from grease, dirt, and non-toxic liquids. Coveralls also provide flash fire protection that meets NFPA 2113. The advanced, self-extinguishing fabric does not melt or drip when ignited to prevent flames from spreading.

    These heavy-duty, fire-retardant suits provide the comfort and freedom of movement you need to work long hours in tough environments.

    • Flash fire protection that meets NFPA 2113
    • Fire and chemical-resistant coveralls with taped seams to prevent contaminants from entering through exposed seams
    • Proprietary bi-laminate fabric protects against flames and chemicals
    • Possible applications include turnarounds, oil and gas manufacturing, industrial settings, and the petrochemical industry
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